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Accurate. Automated. Institutional Grade.

Medical History and Triage

DXA is not a simple symptom checker. It is a reliable and thorough automated patient history no matter the chief complaint. Built by doctors, for medical professionals. We have developed a solution for automated patient questioning and triage in the acute care setting. Our tool can help your clinic run more efficiently and provide better patient care through the help of artificial intelligence. 

Provider User Interface available in both English and French

Patient Interface available in a wide array of customizable languages

Outputs patient history formatted as a medical chart note in English or French, no matter which input language was chosen

Vertical Integration for seamless use throughout clinical visit 

Automatically generated from patients answers to the medical history no matter the input language

Pertinent past medical history

Unique visit and patient ID 

Flexible integration to your clinical ecosystem

Glasgow score, shock index, vital signs input and complete CTAS integration