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AI augmented automated medical history in many languages

Automated chart the way medical professionals like it

Easy integration to your clinical ecosystem or app via API or standalone solution

Extensive reporting and statistical tracking by admin user. Get to know your patients better. Get alerts when abnormal trends in pathologies arise.

DXA is now a part of the Dialogue team! See the full details here.


16 000+ articles reviewed
Automated Triage Score

Extracted from the automated history and optionally the patient's vitals, a triage score based on the CTAS is outputted, making sure you better prioritize your patients. 


DXA triage score is shown based on its differential diagnosis, rendering triage more accurate and safer. Never miss a potentially dangerous diagnosis.

DXA (Diagnostic Assistant) was developed by physicians for physicians. We have combined 2.5+ years of R&D with experts and 16000+ articles reviewed and combined it with machine learning and algorithms to obtain superior results. Medical professionals + DXA's algorithm = efficient healthcare and better patient outcomes.

DXA is very accurate and focuses on taking a complete medical history, no matter the chief complaint, in 3 to 5 minutes. This gives the medical team useful and actionable data to follow up on.

Priority 1 to 5

Natural Language Processing

The chief complaint is derived from the patient entering a short sentence. With state of the art Artificial Neural Networks, our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine streamlines the process. Fast. Accurate. 

Expert team

Built by Doctors and healthcare professionals to help them take better care of their patients in any environment, from ER to clinics and virtual care settings.


Flexible integration possibilities, continuous improvement from anonymized data and machine learning.



We are a Montreal based team passionate about healthcare and leveraging new technologies to provide safer and more efficient 
patient care.  

Our Team


Julien Martel, md & Founder

AI developer @


Jonah Davies, md & Founder

Orthopedic Surgeon


Alexandre Tratch, md & Founder

ER physician and Data Scientist


Louis Charbonneau, md & Founder




Alexandre Ayotte

Lead Developer 


Nicolas Coallier

Lead AI @